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This is my cabinet, I present to you Tribal's case, that and a cabinet of the mark Upson model Mercedes SLK.

Here I it drew in the window, using adhesive ribbon and drawing in the same hand, I preferred to draw the hand and not you print the drawing. This drawing was based I projects of the Mnpctech (that it made an excellent work in the HELLBOUND ).

Photos of the mounted case and with my CD-Rom mod:

CD-Rom Mod:


here a test of the PSU in new position

the demarcation for the cuts

here the box that will hide the PSU, I drew in the corel and I printed for not having mistake in the hour of the cut.

suporte para a PSU.

test for PSU to be seen enters in the place hehehe

front vision of the case, they are still without the finish, I will put plastic mass.

Two skull

or One skulls:

now one more pictures of illumination:


here pictures of the front and front door mounted:

as it will be, it is very well hidden.

I will use those buttons with magnet used in bags: D the door is well locked.

fastening one of the parts in front of the case. and making some adjustments

fastening the magnet in the door of the case, I glued him with acrylic:

some pictures of the front general vision:

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