Case tribal Modding

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Left lateral disassembled and the cut initiated

Cut lateral and marrow already, waiting the weld.

Weld in the part frontal of the Lateral

Mass in the Lateral

Finishing of the part, thicker of the mass.

Finishing of the mass.

Applied Primer and ready plate for the cuts.

Constructing the project.

Geometric construction of the grates.

Clipping of the answer sheet for the laterals.

Setting for the drawing of the answer sheet in the plate.

Initiating the clipping of the plate with the MR.

Cut, sandpapered Left lateral, with primer and ready for the final painting.

Superior cover, cut, lacks to sandpaper

Spotted and ready laterals for the next stage.

Molding of the circular screens.

Clipping of the circles

Glue of the screens in the internal part of the superior cover

Superior cover with the settled screens

Clipping of acrylic plates

Projects in the Corel (for long dawns… hehehe)

Ready grates, three of the color silver, for the two laterals and the superior cover.

Finishing in the cuts made in the transparent acrylic and cut in the blue acrylic of the superior cover.

Laterals of acrylic already adesived and cover sup with finishing.

Mounted laterals, with the screens and the grates.

Vectorial project of the front of it marries for the cut the laser in the same process that I made with the grates.

Toys for the composition of the front, already with the ready acrylic parts and detaching the frame of the VU, which nothing more is of that a socket for spot that I go to adapt for the rank of the VU.

Adaptation of the socket.

Destruction of the old front… hehehe

Electronic toys

Domestic toys

Front with seladora application

Bay mounted with the controls of the VU and the LCD

Execution of the before-door for the circuits

Execution of the part front-down and back cover of the door superior front

Toys Special

Circular cut frontal for rank of Fan

Mounted Cooler, mirror and Fan

Exchange of the original buttons of baybus(cromad) for other black color.

Deceased X-Blade Gamer, Current Marries Triade


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