Windows 7 Dock + Sidebar (New) For XP/Vista/7 | 5.6mb

Posted on martes, 18 de mayo de 2010 by Fernando Cosi Villalobos | 0 comentarios

Windows 7 Dock + Sidebar (New) For XP/Vista/7 | 5.6mb

The only pack you ever wanted.Best dock as per deviantart.


Features :
Application bar with 33 most commonly used apps.
- Clock with date,day,year and time(Analog)
- Player with play/pause,stop,previous,next,open and synchronisation with WMP,Winamp,QCD etc.
- Download to explore more.
- Contains two sidedocks (new).
- 9 different skins (new)


It includes various gadgets like inbuilt player,controls to shutdown,logoff and restart computer,online search preloaded with google,yahoo,msn search etc,Date and time along with settings,cpu and ram meter,drive space indicator.Above all it contains shortcuts to various frequently used programs like Y!Messenger,Google talk,Skype ,Browsers like Firefox,IE,Opera,Games,Office,My Computer,Control Panel,Media Player,Movie Maker,Command Prompt,Volume control etc.So nJoy this great release from me.

Requirements :
- Windows XP/Vista/7 with XP compatibility mode and run as administrator.

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